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The online store of the new fashion, lifestyle and home décor brand DuFauna is currently under construction, as this is written on May 6, 2018 (the birthday of the founder and designer's mum). 

DuFauna's design emphasis will revolve around three things:

1. Pet and animal types (and pet type breeds).

2. Colors.

3. Selection of product types.

Prospective customers will thus be able to search for products based on these three factors, and combinations of those. For instance, an owner of a beagle dog, and the owner loves the blue color, will be able to search for various products where the pattern design focuses on beagle dogs, in the color blue. The next customer, who owns a cat and likes pink, will likewise be able to search for products based on these variables.

This means that the product selection scales up by three dimensions, meaning that the total product range has the potential to become quite large.

The name DuFauna comes from the word fauna, which means animals (or animals in a certain location), and the prefix du could mean the French word du, which is an abbreviation of "de la". So DuFauna could mean (designs) "of the animals". Du could also mean the abbreviation d.u. or "do you", meaning something lie "do you fauna" or do you "do you dig/like fauna?"...

The logo of DuFauna was designed by the founder and designer of the brand, Sverrir Sveinn Sigurdarson

The 'fauna' word is grounded on the name of the company TopFauna LLC, which operates the DuFauna brand. TopFauna LLC was originally established to be the operating company for a new and innovative noise phobia therapy for pets and animals, named WeStopFear. This solution is nearing completion and is still under construction. By purchasing a product from the DuFauna brand, the customer is supporting the development of WeStopFear. Noise phobia is the fear, or possible future fear, that animals may have because of various nioses in the environment, a fear that is based in their basic instincts but is entirely unnecessary and only creates suffering for the pets (and sometimes leads to tragic events). You can see more information about this noise phobia solution on the website www.westopfear.com. If you are a dog owner, then you can take the 30 second fear test for free.

That's enough for this first blog post. Let's turn to finishing the development of this online store, and then let's fill it with exciting products!

Thanks for dropping by.

Sverrir Sigurdarson, founder and head designer of DuFauna, (and also founder and owner of TopFauna LLC, and innovator of WeStopFear).

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