About DuFauna

DuFauna is a brand of clothing, accessories and home decoration items that will draws its artistic or stylistic inspiration from pets and animals.

The name DuFauna is made up of the words Fauna, which is a latin word that means population of animals in a given place, and the French word "du" that can mean "of" or "from".

The origins of these designs is that the founder has been developing a new solution in the field of noise phobia therapy (desensitization) / noise tolerance training (habituation) for pets. The idea was to offer merchandise with that solution to pay for the running costs of the service, and when Sverrir saw all the possibilities in the print-on-demand space, his interest in fashion and product design was revived. So he decided to embark on such a project. Those who purchase a product from DuFauna, will also be assisting in the development and operation of the new and innovative WeStopFear noise phobia therapy solution for pets. See more about WeStopFear at www.westopfear.com.

About DufaunaDuFauna is founded by, and the products are designed by Sverrir Sigurdarson.

Sverrir has been designing almost all his life. During several years, he was thinking of becoming a fashion designer, architect or furniture or industrial designer. 

The DuFauna project is a continuation of these plans. He was a student in the main art school in Iceland, MHI, some years ago. He also holds a Cand. Oecon. university degree in business administration from the University of Iceland. 

Mr. Sigurdarson is also the founder of another designer brand, namely ‘Look: Viking!‘  The brand draws its artistic or stylistic inspiration to the artistic creations of the Nordic Vikings, whose period was approximately for three hundred years, or from 793 to around 1070 A.D. When Sverrir was an art school student, his thesis project in art history focused on the jewelry of the Vikings. See the web shop of Look: Viking! at www.lookviking.com

DuFauna and Look: Viking! will be about modern products for modern lifestyles, and fully incorporating modern techniques and resources, such as digital imaging, the Internet including live video, and manufacture-on-demand to facilitate fast and flexible design production, and delivery. Also as the situation makes it relevant, to facilitate custom projects, with a close-knit, real-time relationship between the designer and the customer/audience. This is for instance seen in the Live Stream Design method that was innovated and defined by the founder of Look: Viking! This brand new approach, which has not been seen before it seems, is further explained on the dedicated website www.livestreamdesign.com.

DuFauna is operated by TopFauna LLC, a Delaware, USA, registered company, which is owned by Sverrir Sigurdarson.

To contact DuFauna, you can send an email to contact@dufauna.com.

Other contact information are on the Contact Us page.