Contact DuFauna

We absolutely love to get questions or comments about anything you want to know about DuFauna!

To contact DuFauna the best way is to send an email to
You can also send a message via Messenger on the DuFauna page on Facebook, which is at Both will be replied to as soon as possible.

Telephone: If a telephone or Skype conversation is considered to be necessary, please contact us to get further details about the phone number or Skype handle. The reason is potential different time zones around the world, so a phone conversation should be arranged at times that are suitable for both parties. I am not interested in receiving a random phone call at four o‘clock in the morning, because of some relatively small matter that can easily be resolved via email or message.

Or you can send a paper mail if you like to: TopFauna LLC (DuFauna) , PO Box 1960 #21420 Wilmington, DE 19899, U.S.A.

Only letters can be received to this mailing address. If you need to send a package, please contact us for a mailing address for that.

If an issued has arisen, you can contact us, but we recommend you first explore our Shipping, Returns, Refunds and Exchanges page which is here: (URL: ).