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Our shipping, returns, refunds, and customer satisfaction rules are as follows:

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Shipping charges


International: Customs and VAT

Cancellations - modifications

No return or money back on customized items

Customer is responsible for correct shipping destination information

The customer is responsible for product care

Regarding orders

Product returns

Policies and terms are in effect



We strive to keep our customers happy - 100% satisfaction guarantee

The 100% satisfaction of our customers is our goal! Please contact us in case of an issue, before bringing the case to the attention of others. We strive to resolve all cases in a successful manner, and to exceed the expectations of our customers! Contact information are here. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is about delivering a product of the right quality, quantity and product type, according to the wishes that the customer expressed and submitted when the purchase took place. 

Shipping charges

Shipping charges are added to the sales price of products, according to the location of the customer, before submitting payment, to reveal the final charge. The shipping charges policy is outlined below, and shipping charges are explained here on the shipping charges page.


The Shopify online sales solution which DuFauna runs on is configured to automatically charge sales tax, based on the customer's location (nexus). This means that sales tax may be applied, based on location. Currently the production of DuFauna creates these nexus: DuFauna is run by TopFauna LLC, which is a Delaware registered LLC. Delaware has no sales tax. The products currently offered under the DuFauna brand are made in these locations:

  • New Jersey (zip code 07840),
  • Georgia (zip code 30093).
  • China (customer will pay customs and VAT if required to do so, please have your order receipt ready to inform about the value of the order).

No sales to Kansas residents

Unfortunately, for the moment, DuFauna cannot sell to residents of the State of Kansas, USA. Due to the new internet sales tax laws starting on October 1, 2019, all other states have a threshold of at least $100,000+ or 200 transactions before internet sellers anywhere in the world have to start charging and remitting internet sales tax to individual USA states. However, Kansas has no sales threshold, which means that a small, single sale creates the obligation to collect and remit sales tax. For this reason, as the operations of DuFauna are in an European country, that is too much work and complexity. If you are a Kansas resident and have made a purchase on the DuFauna website or at another web location, your purchase will be refunded, and the transaction will not get through. There is uncertanity about this decision of the State of Kansas, see here and here. When this issue becomes more clear, I will rethink this decision. If you believe that the situation has changed and this decision is not needed, please contact DuFauna with an email: 

Customs and VAT for customers outside the US

Most often (with a disclaimer on the fact that DuFauna is not a specialist in the customs and tax laws of all international countries), when a product is purchased by an international customer, the customs and tax authorities will inspect the shipment and add customs and VAT to the shipment, to be paid by the customer who is importing the shipment into his or her country. It is the customer's responsibility to pay the fees and taxes that are added by the authorities in the customer's home country. Those are not included in the price, and it is not the responsibility of DuFauna to pay these or to know beforehand what those fee will be in the customer's country.

Cancellations or modifications - a 24 hour limit

After you have placed your order, you have 24 hours to contact us if you want to canel or modify your order. After the 24 hours have passed, then the item is already in production and cannot be changed or cancelled.

No returns or money back on customized items

Due to the nature of customized orders, for instance jewelry with personalized engraving, made to personal specifications of the buyer, these cannot be returned or refunded. These items cannot be received, restocked and resold to another customer, neither at full price nor at a discount. As the item has been customized to the personal specifications of the original customer, this customization makes the piece unacceptble to be received by someone else. However, they will be replaced if they arrived damaged or faulty, or not according to the clearly expressed original requirements of the customer, according to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The customer is responsible for submitting correct ordering information

The items sold by DuFauna are made to order (unless otherwise specified). Thus it is extremely important that the customer submits correct information about size and features of the final product. If the customer has submitted wrong information, then it is not the responsibility of DuFauna to replace the item with a new one. The customer is also responsible for submitting correct shipping address information.

The customer is responsible for caring for the products according to care instructions

The customer or someone who has received or bought an item, is responsible for the proper handling of the physical product. If a customer has lost an item, or the item has been stolen, then DuFuana (TopFauna LLC) is in no way responsible for replacing the item. The customer or someone who has received or bought an item, is responsible for handling the product in a careful manner, according to the Care Instructions posted on the care instructions page on, (

Damaged or incorrect order, or order not received

We strive to keep our customers happy with fault-free, high-quality products. But sometimes accidents happen. In the case if a customer believes that an item has arrived in a damaged or defect condition, the customer is asked to send a description with images of the item, as well as the order number. If the item is deemed to have arrived in a defect or damaged condition, then DuFauna will send a replacement at no cost to the customer.

If you have not received your order 30 days after ordering (in the US), or 45 days (in Canada), or 60 days after ordering (in other parts of the world), please contact us and describe the issue, for a free replacement order or a full refund. This rule only applies if the customer submitted correct shipping information.

Product returns

For other, non-customized products, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. For the most part, each product is made to order, in one copy, especially for the buyer, so we really hope that the customer will be pleased and there will be no considerations of returning products.

However, if that is the case, please contact DuFauna, (contact information are here),with your order number, to obtain further information on where to return the item in question. Products that are returned must be unopened and unused, unworn and unwashed, undamaged, and in the original packaging.The products must first be returned to the location designated by DuFauna for inspection, before a refund is issued. The refund is less the shipping charges that applied on the order. The customer must pay the shipping cost of the return. We are not responsible for refunding products that are damaged or lost during return shipment, so we recommend and insured and trackable shipment of returned items. We are not able to issue a refund without receiving the item. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for the return to be processsed.

Privacy policy, Terms of service and purchase policy, and other applicable rules, are in effect

Apart from the rules stated here, the TERMS OF SERVICE, Purchase Agreement and Privacy Policy of DuFauna, (see links to those policies at the bottom of the page), are in effect and will have priority in case of conflicting legal interpretation. Consumer protection rules and regulations may differ from country to country, worldwide. In case of conflicting legal interpretation, the consumer protection rules of the EU (in case of citizens of those countries) and the consumer protection rules of the United States (in case of US citizens), and the consumer protection rules of citizens of other countries, will have priority over the policies of DuFauna. See links to policies in the footer of the website.


„We“ in the rules below is the brand DuFauna (on, that is owned and operated by TopFauna LLC, a Delaware, USA registered limited liability company.

A „customer“ in the rules below is a person who bought and paid for the sold item in question, in DuFauna‘s online shop, or in other locations on the Internet where original DuFauna products were sold (for instance Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, but not excluding other possible vendor locations). A „customer“ is not a person who has received an item as a gift, and a „customer“ is not a person who has purchased a used item somewhere else than in an original and official DuFauna sales location.

If more than 30 days have passed since the original purchase of a physical product by a „customer“ and sold by DuFauna, then the rules below don‘t apply. The 30 day rule does not apply for 30 day after an individual has received the item as a gift, and the 30 day rule does not apply for someone who has bought a used item.

DuFauna strives to keep its customers happy, and we really hope that there will not be a need to react according to these rules.

This page was last updated on November 19, 2019.