DuFauna: Exclusive Designs Made To Order for a Good Cause

DuFauna celebrates your love for your pets, with the goal of supporting an important cause for pets worldwide: WeStopFear, a new solution in noise phobia therapy / noise tolerance training with many important innovations.

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No products in stock, no overproduction: Each exclusive DuFauna designs is made to order for each buyer. So you have to wait a little for a good thing!

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The DuFauna Breeds Collections

DuFauna exclusive designs are available in these categories:

Dogs (mixed breeds), Cats, Horses, and the following dog breeds, in alphabetical order: Chihuahuas, Corgis, Dachshunds, French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Pugs and Yorkies .

DuFauna Dog Collection

Mixed Breed Dogs

DuFauna Cat Collection


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DuFauna Labrador Collection


DuFauna Pug Collection


DuFauna Dachshund Collection


DuFauna Golden Retriever Collection

Golden Retriever

DuFauna German Shepherd Collection

German Shepherd

DuFauna Corgi Collection


DuFauna Yorkshire Terrier Collection


DuFauna French Bulldog Collection

French Bulldog

DuFauna Chihuahua Collection



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DuFauna beach towels with images of your favorite pet breed.

Beach Towels

DuFauna impact resistant iPhone cases with pet types decoration.

DuFauna iPhone Cases

VIDEO: The founder and designer of Dufauna at work

VIDEO: It's Raining Cats' And Dogs' Necklaces And Bracelets!

The picture shows the principle of DuFauna, products inspired by your favorite pet type in many colours.

The Simple Design Manifesto of DuFauna

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